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Private Dog Training Reviews

I met you in 2009 at a private lesson for my GSP. I had problems keeping her still when birds were visible in front of her. I wasn't in touch again for quite some time because the lesson you gave showed me how to effectively solve the problem. The hour was worth every penny, and I learned far more than I could have in a book or DVD. I've spoken very highly of you to other "dog people" including some of my customers from your area (your customers too it turns out).

     -Michael Emanuele

In the spring of last year we brought our recently adopted 7 year old coon hound, Red, to Jeff for obedience training (more for us that the dog, actually). At any rate, after only one private lesson and a handful of classes, Red has become extremely well behaved, especially on walks. We live pretty far away from Misty Pines (almost and hour) so it is difficult to make it for regular classes, but I refer everyone I know to Misty Pines.

We enjoy Red so much that we are thinking of a new addition, this time a puppy.

     -Jackie, Mark and Red Fulton

"Thanks for your personal visit last weekend to help us with training our dog. We thought she was hyper, wouldn't listen and was pretty much running our house. You showed us a totally different personality to our dog, she's very submissive and loving and really wants to please us. We were just not reinforcing our commands, and letting her have the upper hand. Now she is a different dog! She patiently waits for her release and is calmer in the house and outside. We definitely learned so much from your home visit. It was so much easier with one on one in her own environment. Thanks a million for all your advice, it saved us a lot of aggravation!"

     - Sincerely, Marty and Bernie

I can't begin to thank you enough for what you've done with Molson. I'm soooo impressed.

It's been one week that he's been home and he's doing great.

I go through his commands with him all day long and he's responding close to 100% of the time.

Also just for he record, when he does test me, I'm consistent 100% and I'm not treating him like a baby. I must admit is sure makes my life easier.

So, thank you again, I really appreciate your sincere concern and dedication.

     - Charlene

Just wanted to thank you again for your patience and expertise with Sophie. It's true, she's a different dog, now that I've learned the mistakes I was making. I really believe, NOW, that there are no bad dogs, just "untrained" owners. I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad I found Misty Pines! Thanks again, from Sophie and I, and a big God Bless!!!

     - Deacon


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