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Dog Daycare Reviews

This email serves to formally express my gratitude for the services of the Misty Pines Pet Company As you are fully aware, Gwendolyn is the most important component of my life. My heart is rendered with complete happiness with knowledge that whilst at daycare, Gwendolyn socializes in a friendly, clean, beautiful environment. The entire staff – managers, technicians, maintenance, assistants, trainers, and groomers – extends beyond the expected call of duty to provide a euphoric experience where I know that my puggle is well cared for. I firmly believe that Gwendolyn’s happy demeanor is catalyzed by her interaction with the staff through the wonderful array of services offered.

In addition to complimenting the regular services, I want to fully commend the Nutritional and Behavioral Seminar. Information learned from this seminar will, indeed, promote a healthier Gwendolyn. Through a controlled process, I will convert her diet to a whole food version, and I will educate my colleagues and friends of the whole food diet benefits. Furthermore, as the puggle mother, I can now properly define Gwendolyn’s personality which prompts a better level of patience and associated modification to management of her behavior. I am hopeful that additional educational seminars will be offered in the foreseeable future.

In summary, I wish to thank everyone at the Misty Pines Pet Company for helping me to raise a healthy, happy puggle. I am forever grateful.

Kindest regards,

     - Nicole Marie Story
       Mother of Gwendolyn

"Here is a VERY amateur video of Swiper last Thursday morning right before leaving the house to go to Misty Pines! We go through this every single week . . . Swiper just loves going to "doggie daycare" and that's all we have to say to get him going!"

     - Lisa (Click here to see Swiper in action)

As you know I have been bringing Bailey to Misty Pines for almost 3 years now. We use you exclusively for all our day care and kennel needs. We use day care on a weekly basis and don’t know how we would live without it. Bailey is such a rambunctious shepard mix that we don’t like to leave her at home all day if we can help it.

Daycare has been a god send for us. We have a happier, healthier and more socialized dog. I never worry about Bailey while she is at Misty Pines because I know she is cared for just like she is part of your family. All of the people at Misty Pines take the time to get to know us and Bailey and make us feel so warm and welcome. She always comes home tired and happy and so are we.

I recommend everyone to bring their Dog to Misty Pines for Day Care, Kennel or any of the other wonderful services you provide.

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful environment for both myself and my pet.


     - Shanda Bissett


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