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Dog Boot Camp Pittsburgh

Dog Boot Camp

Sometimes owners and dogs need a "jump start" in training, or a boost to help them accelerate to a higher level. Our Dog Boot Camp program is useful for those owners who are having difficulty giving their dogs the training time they need, or have behavioral problems that need more intensive attention. Dogs are individually trained for at least 30 minutes each day by our professional trainers, and can be scheduled for exercise sessions or playtime to enhance socialization skills. The regimen of training and boarding allows us to provide a very structured environment where situations are carefully established and monitored. This enables us to make the most of your dog’s interactions and experiences.

Our Dog Training regimen is designed to develop the dog’s ability to perform basic obedience commands under the different variables of training (duration, distance, distraction and location); specific training exercises will vary with the needs of each dog. For dogs who are here to work on specific tasks: aggression, fieldwork, agility etc., trainers can review particular goals with the owners before scheduling.

While your dog is here they will have their own training journal, updated daily with the progress made, or problems encountered during the training session, and at the end of the stay, your dog will take home a "report card" that reviews the work they have done. Scheduling a lesson when you pick up your dog is the best way to review and learn from the trainers how to guide your dog through any trouble spots and have transition in the training from Misty Pines to home.

We STRONGLY recommend a private dog training lesson when you pick up your dog. This lesson is not included in the price of the dog boot camp. It provides you the chance to work with the trainers and help you utilize commands, leash signals and verbal commands the same way they were used in training. After the lesson you will be able to take your dog through the group dog training classes, or you may schedule private sessions to progress the training that has been started.

Dog Boot Camp starts as a two week program; in some situations, trainers may recommend a longer stay to accomplish more challenging and difficult goals with your dog.

2 weeks Dog Boot Camp $980.00
3 weeks Dog Boot Camp $1470.00
4 weeks Dog Boot Camp $1960.00
Additional training (per week) $490.00

Download and print out our dog training behavioral fact sheet. Please fill out the sheet and bring it with you when dropping off your dog.

Dog Boot Camp is a highly effective method of teaching good dog behavior, but in order to retain these good behaviors in the home environment, the owners must be part of the training process. Through private lessons or group class we can help you become a good leader, teacher and trainer, for your dog. "Dogs are only as good as their masters."

Misty Pines classes are designed to be user friendly. Classes are on-going and run continuously throughout the year. You participate at your convenience, and pay for each class as you attend. Then, once Scruffy is trained, our class structure lends itself well to you and your dog dropping in for a refresher class every now and then. You are always welcome to return to class no matter how long you have been away.

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