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Dog Boarding Reviews

Thank you so much for taking good care of our kids, Sam and Siena! We sincerely appreciate it.

     - Thom and Marylynn

We've only had to kennel our 2 large dogs once and it was a hard experience for us (not the dogs!). The staff was very caring and patient with us. They did everything we asked to make sure our babies were happy. They didn't seem to mind my check-up calls thru the week. If I ever need to kennel the dogs again, I will return to Misty Pines!

     - Heather D.
     via ~

Thanks for taking such good care of Jack - not just today - but also while he was boarding with you! He's never looked better than when he's had a visit to "Jeff." I really appreciate your business integrity and your basic love for the animals that we neurotic owners entrust to you!

     - Jan

Dear Mr. Woods, Thank you for watching Clancy for us! I hope you had a nice time with Clancy! I was hoping that Clancy was good for you!! She is never really good! Well at least I had a good vacation! Love,

     - Rich, Fran, Chancy and ME (Alison) Jewell (5)

We left our dog Gunnar with you for three days in late July. I just wanted you to know that he had a wonderful time! He looked great when my parents picked him up. He was very happy. Thank you for your wonderful care of Gunnar. He is very special to us. We will recommend you to all of our friends.

     - Gail

Thank you for a year full of fun and good care. We never trusted any kennel before for any of our animals. We always felt better having friends take care of them at our house. Now however; we are more relaxed during our travels knowing they are in good hands with all of you. Also, thanks to your classes we have the best trained dog we've ever had. Everybody in Jim's building at *** is always amazed at her obedience and calmness, especially when she obeys! So thank you all and God's blessing to all of you.

     - Laura and Jim

Just thought of you and your special way of working with canines. I was just petting Ginger (our 10+ year old Chocolate Lab), and thinking how wonderful she is doing, and how she continues to give her unmatched love and affection. Her knack for learning, and her love of retrieving continues full speed. She amazes me with how fast she runs.

Three legs don't prevent Ginger from doing the things she really enjoys, and her quality of life is honestly good. no, she can't jump up and into the back of our station wagon, and she is careful on stairs. She does, however, truly love to travel and to simply "hang out" in her yard. Her eating habits haven't changed a bit. She's still like "Mikey" in that she eats almost anything! We have cut back a little (very little) on the amount we feed her just to make sure that she doesn't gain weight. She gets us up before the sun comes up for her breakfast. Revenge for getting just two level cups of food in the morning instead of the heaping cup measure?

Jeff, I just want you to know how well Ginger is doing. lois and I have not boarded her since the amputation of her back right leg to remove it's malignant cancers. we talk with some real seriousness about driving to Misty Pines should lodging of Ginger become necessary. Misty Pines is a Five-Star Doggie Hotel where Ginger truly loves to stay.

Thank you very much for being the kind of friend to canines as canines are to people.

     - Russ

Even though the weather turned to what should probably be natural for this time of year, we considered our first Yorkie Meet and Greet a TOTAL success. A major contributing factor was your terrific facility. A number of our people simply could not make it due to the weather and the distance they had to travel but those of us who were able to be there were thrilled that it all took place. Misty Pines is just wonderful. You have a place to be proud of and we wanted you to know how much we loved it.

     - Kathi, Donna, Todd

To our English Pointer Family,

Blaze and I want to be among the first to express how we feel about the kindness and thoughtfulness you and everyone at Misty Pines have shared with us. Our "pointer family" has been very loyal to us in this time of need."

To Everyone at Misty Pines,

Bringing Blaze and Misty to Misty Pines has given us peace of mind knowing that they are in a warm and friendly place, a home away from home. This meant the world to Jeff and I. There are no adequate words of thanks that we can express. We shall never forget your kindness.

Jeff, Julie, Michael, Misty and Blaze

Thank you for caring for Dora. She loves being with you, which makes us happy!"

Uli and Rosweitha


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