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Misty Pines proudly sponsors their own dog adoption program, titled DAF (Dogs Adopted for Friendship) This is a wonderful dog adoption service networking with the Western PA Humane Society.

D.A.F. Program

Our current Adoptable Dog is a Labrador Retriever named Jake.

Adopt a dog that is right for you.

Dogs Adopted For Friendship, Dog Adoption Program

Every dog possesses certain qualities that are inherent to their breed.  Finding the right breed, age, size and temperament of dog for your family and lifestyle can be a challenge, but rest assured, our knowledgeable staff can help you.  Misty Pines Pet Company offers the DAF adoption program that features a dog that we have spent the time to know and understand his or her inherent qualities and behaviors.

Dogs Adopted for Friendship (DAF)

We feature a special dog adoption program at Misty Pines that partners with the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. These dogs are happy, friendly dogs who are being overlooked in the shelter. These are dogs that the Humane Society Staff see as extra-special. These wonderful dogs are featured as our DAF dog, spending much time socializing in class with the people and the dogs of Misty Pines. This enables families to meet the dogs outside the shelter atmosphere, walk them around on our grounds, and introduce them to family members to see if this dog would make a good match for their family.

This selected DAF dog lives and trains daily with the Misty Pines staff to help them reach their full potential. We accept one dog at a time to be trained as a family companion, hunting dog, agility dog, obedience dog, etc. This selected dog remains at Misty Pines for as many weeks as it takes to achieve their training goals and undergo temperament evaluations. The adoption fee for these dogs reflects the special training that has prepared them for their new lives, and is directly donated to the animal shelter from which they were rescued. If you are searching for that special dog to fit your family, our DAF program offers a unique opportunity to help you find a great match.

The Reed Foundation

Misty Pines established this foundation to help rescue organizations of the gun sporting dog breeds find successful placements. When Misty Pines receives a candidate, the dog is placed in our dog training program. Through networking, we find the best home for these dogs when they have completed their training program. Gun dogs are perfect for families and as a hunting companion. There is a nominal fee for these family/hunting-trained gun dogs. This fee is directly donated back to the dog shelters and rescue organizations we originally received the dog from.

The right dog for your family!

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