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Traveling With Your Dog

Posted on 30 June 2009 by WoodsPoint

By Misty Pines

Before departure on a long trip, you should confirm that your intended accommodations permit pets and determine whether any special rules or fees apply. Ten days beforehand, visit your veterinarian for a canine physical, including scheduled inoculations, and to obtain state-required rabies and health certificates. If you are planning international travel with your pet, contact the appropriate consulate for necessary documentation. When leaving the United States for a destination in Canada or Mexico, you’ll only need rabies and health certificates. Some countries (although not Canada or Mexico) and even some states (Hawaii, for example) may require quarantine periods for visiting dogs, which could cause you to rethink your plans. Continue Reading

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The Christmas Puppy: Why You Shouldn’t Get One

Posted on 24 June 2009 by WoodsPoint

By Jon Katz

Christmas morning. Jimmy and Susie rush down the stairs in their pj’s and shriek with delight. Santa has finally yielded to their incessant requests: A sweet, wriggling puppy is waiting for them beneath the tree, adorable in his big red bow. It’s love at first sight. The puppy slurps the kids’ faces then curls up on their laps. The children beam. The camcorder rolls. Continue Reading

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